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 Luciano Leães  — Throughout his 25-year career as a musician (frontman, sideman, and studio musician) and music producer, Luciano Leães has worked with renowned producers Americans like Ron Levy (BB King, Albert King, Charles Brown), Russ Ragsdale (Michael Jackson, Muddy Waters and Leon Russell) and Chris Duarte (Chris Duarte Group, Mojo Perry). He has accompanied musicians such as Annika Chambers, Willie Walker, Earl Thomas, Carey Bell, Whitney Shay, etc., and has played at festivals such as New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (USA), Montreal Jazz Festival (CAN), Tremblac Blues Festival_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (CAN),  Cerdanyola Blues

Luciano Leães Trio - selação final - color-4072.jpg

Festival (ESP), Lucerne Blues Festival (SUI), among others. Productions  — Among the works signed by Luciano Leães at Estúdio do Arco are the albums “Mixing The Cultures” by Little Jimmy King (USA), “Time Keeps Rollin'” and “Meet Yourself ” by Fernando Noronha and the eponymous debut CD of the singer  Luana Pacheco.  Entre os  singles  136bad5cf58d_ are  “Magic Gringo”,  de  Tom

Premio Açorianos de musica 2017.jpg

Worrell (USA); “Harmonia”, by Camila Orsatto; “Vento e Chuvarada” and “Missed the Train”, by the Hard Blues Trio and “Sinto na Pele”, by Edu Meirelles, among others.

 Collaborations  — Straight from Estúdio do Arco Luciano Leães has recorded keys on albums and singles by Bob Stroger (USA), Annika Chambers (USA), Darrell Nulisch (USA) ), Jai Malano (USA), An Dias (ARG), Big Creek Slim (DEN), as well as Brazilian bands and artists such as Nei Lisboa, Flávio Guimarães,

Gisele de Santi, Fughetti Luz, The Headcutters, Solon Fishbone, Igor Prado, T. Guy, Acústicos & Valvulados and Pata de Elefante.

“Luciano knocked everyone out with his musicality. When he plays, there's a mix of passion, energy, talent, charm and humour. When rereading the songs of his idols, he doesn't forget to also imprint his own fingerprint on these performances. Seeing him live is impressive, he plays easily and knows how to charm the audience”​ — Fred Karsten, jazz broadcaster, producer and critic, after watching Luciano Leães live at Maple Leaf in New Orleans.

Mapple Leaf New Orleans 2017 by Vicente Guedes.jpg

The Maple Leaf (New Orleans)

NEw Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival 2017_edited.jpg

Jazz & Heritage Festival (New Orleans)

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