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Place where the photo was taken, on the 1967 Wurlitzer acoustic piano, at Estúdio do Arco.
My aunt's rose .JPG
This metal rose was one of the creations of my late Aunt Vera - an artist well known in São Paulo and who even exhibited some works at one of the main design fairs in Paris.
She passed away in 2010 and has always been a great supporter of my musical life. I stayed in the basement of her house when I went to São Paulo and that was a unique universe. The piano that was at my parents' house was also sent by her and it was the same one I played at my grandparents' house Odila and Maneco. The piano was a gift she got as a teenager.
This rose made by her was a gift a few days before she left. 
Aunt Vera lived in England in the 70's. She traveled a bit against my grandfather's will. It's been to every rock concert I wish I'd been to as a teenager.
In the early 2000s, Chuck Berry came to Brazil in a show that few people knew about - in the interior of São Paulo. Recklessly, after her surgery, we set out on this adventure towards the interior of SP. It was a very nice moment of our coexistence. I see the iron rose as a tribute to this woman who naturally managed to be sensitive and strong at the same time and who lived life intensely. In the same way, he decided not to fight anymore and to leave with serenity for another plan.  
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